We know that this is a difficult time for everyone. Please just do your best regarding the home learning.  During this time your child's mental health and well being is paramount, take the opportunity to spend time as a family, take walks, play games and enjoy being together.  I am at the end of a phone if you need anyone and all the teachers are available via email via their class home learning page. 

I will continue to send out the weekly newsletter and keep you as informed as possible about any changes.  Please feel free to tweet any activities your child has taken part in. We look forward to finding out what you have all been to.

Stay safe,

Michelle Cox  


 Stationery Supplies

With many children working at home for the foreseeable future, KCS, one of our suppliers, have launched a new website so that individuals can order a range of resources from stationery, arts and crafts, curriculum based learning resources, to health and hygiene essentials

More details can be seen below and orders can be placed by individuals  from



We are aiming to send your child's reports out via email. Please complete the form below with your up-to-date email address in order for you to receive their report. Thank you Mrs Cox


Activities at home

Here are some of the activities sent in by children working at home. Feel free to tweet yours so we can add them to this slideshow.


Contact Us

Below are some phone numbers and email addresses should you need to contact us.

School Mobile 07745782649
Mrs Cox
Mrs Place


Teachers can be contacted via their class pages.

Home Learning

Dear Children,

What a very strange time for everyone! 

Please remember that children across the country are probably all feeling the same as you.  Try not to worry and make sure that you look after yourselves and your family. 

Remember to enjoy the fresh air and take time to exercise, this is good for your mental health and for you physically.  

Do get your parents to tweet us pictures.  We look forward to finding out what you have been up to.

Try to get into a routine for your home learning, which you will find in your class tab below, as this will really help you to manage your time better and make you feel better mentally too.  

Keep looking in this space for quizzes and jokes.  You can email me, on the form below, any that you can think of and I will post my favourites.

I look forward to seeing you as soon as the school reopens. Take care of yourselves,  stay safe.

Mrs Cox


Fir Tree       Forge          Hurstwood          Kemsley          Oakwood


Composer of the Week

DebussyClaude Debussy

He was born in France in 1862 and died  in 1914. How old was he? 

At the age of 9, he learnt to play the piano and went to the Paris Conservatoire to study music at the age of 11. 

Debussy loved writing music for orchestras and piano and he was part of a group of musicians called Impressionists as they created music to give an impression of a scene or picture. 

Listen to Claire de Lune. What does it make you think of? 

It is about Moonlight. 

Today's Joke by Oliver Steeden

Why did the cow cross the road?

Because it wanted to go to the moooooovie!!!!


Your jokes, quizzes and fun facts

Send me your jokes, quizzes and any fun facts here. I will share my favourites with you all.