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Our prospectus is designed to give you relevant information about our school and its aims and values.

As a 'Controlled' Church of England School, Bredhurst CE Primary enjoys close links with the local church and with the Parish of South Gillingham. Canon  Brian Senior, serves on our Governing Body. He leads an act of worship in the school regularly, as do other members of the Parish team including The Family Trust. We have close links with St Peter’s Church in the village, where we hold Acts of Worship at Harvest, Advent and Easter. End of year services are held in church too.

The content of our worship is based on teaching children about the Christian Faith and Values.

Our core values are linked to the ‘SPIRIT OF BREDHURST’

Self Control, Perseverance, Inclusion, Respect, Inspiration and Trust

These values lie at the heart of our school ethos and the school vision:  'To Lean and Grow through the Guidance and Love of God.'  We revisit these regularly to explore the uniquely Christian and Anglican aspect of each.

The school has a daily act of worship. Class-led worships, celebrations of the main Christian festivals and special services to mark the end of the school year all contribute to our community life. Our worship provides opportunities to learn, sing and pray together as well as time for quiet reflection.

The right of parents to withdraw their children from acts of worship and religious education are respected.

Staff and parents share the same goals, namely the education and welfare of the children. At Bredhurst we strongly believe that the education of children is best served when home and school work as a partnership, where there is mutual support and co-operation.

In our school, you will find caring professionals who, together with parents and friends of the school, work hard to create a warm family atmosphere that encourages high standards through meaningful work.

Each child is treated as an individual and relationships with other people are taught by example in a meaningful and sensitive way. Children need the comfort and support of firm, sympathetic and consistent adults, so all the staff at Bredhurst work together to help the children achieve their best - both educationally and socially.

At Bredhurst we strive to ensure children have a broad and balanced curriculum with creativity at the heart. Our teaching across all areas are linked into key topics/themes which we develop into all areas of learning where possible. 

We believe that it is our joint responsibility to ensure that your child has a happy and productive time here at Bredhurst. As a small village school, we hope that you and your family will soon feel part of our community and welcome your involvement in your child’s education.  We want our children to: flourish, enjoy childhood, be knowledgeable, be caring and ultimately be armed with the skills and self-belief to be successful and thoughtful citizens in the future. 




To Learn and Grow Through the Guidance and Love of God. 

 Self Control, Perseverance, Inclusion, Respect, Inspiration and Trust