Spiritual Development

At Bredhurst we value the importance of Spiritual Development, we see it as an important part of everyone’s personal journey: to nurture the spirituality of the individual and within our whole community. -To develop everyone’s innate sense of curiosity, awe and wonder. 

We believe that spiritual development teaches us about questioning, understanding and relationships: relationships with ourselves, others, the world and beyond. it is not dependent on a religious affiliation. 

We understand that all areas of the curriculum may contribute to pupils’ spiritual development. We therefore ensure that opportunities exist across the curriculum which enable pupils to develop curiosity through questioning; helping them explore and articulate spiritual and ethical issues.

Our pupils value learning and enjoy questioning, listening and responding creatively. Teachers are encouraged to make the most of questions raised by the pupils and opportunities that occur spontaneously throughout the day. 


Our provision for spiritual development includes: 

  • opportunities for pupils to reflect on their experiences, beliefs and perspectives on life, this can be through lessons and our daily Worships.
  • developing pupil’s knowledge of, and respect for, different people’s faiths, feelings and values 
  • nurturing a sense of interest and enjoyment in discovering more about their own identity and the identity of those around them
  • encouraging creativity across the curriculum.



At Bredhurst school to help children understand their developing spirituality we use the symbolic language of windows, mirrors and doors:

Windows give children opportunities to become aware of the world in new ways; to wonder about life’s ‘WOWs’ (things that are amazing) and ‘OWs’ (things that bring us up short). In this way, children are learning about life in all its fullness.

Mirrors give children opportunities to reflect on their experiences; to meditate on life’s big questions and to consider some possible answers. In this, they are learning from life by exploring their own insights and perspectives and those of others.   

Doors give children opportunities to respond to all of this; to do something creative as a means of expressing, applying and further developing their thoughts and convictions. In this, they are learning to live by putting into action what they are coming to believe and value.