At Bredhurst we have implemented a rich, engaging, bespoke curriculum which meets the needs of all our learners.  It covers the aims and objectives from the National Curriculum in a creative and inspiring way. Our curriculum is encompassing, varied and is full of meaningful learning opportunities.  Our intention is for our children to learn and grow through the guidance and love of God, leaving Bredhurst 'knowing more'. We aspire for our children to be  knowledgeable with the ability to speak confidently across a range of topics  and be excited about the world we live in. 

We teach in a very cross curricular way, embedding our learning, our geography and history based topics  are  interlinked with our English texts and learning.  The children are highly engaged as their learning is intrinsically linked.  They are able to apply the skills taught effectively across the curriculum and to a range of subjects.  We do not teach in isolation but ensure our teaching has meaning and purpose.  The knowledge taught in history is transferred to the English, deepening and widening the understanding across both subjects.  This approach is highly successful at creating highly motivated learners.  

As we teach in mixed age classes, our foundation learning is not taught as separate year groups.  Our children are taught different topics according to the class they are in. We have a cyclical approach to our learning so we can build upon previous learning, therefore  children's knowledge  and skills build and develop overtime. Our whole curriculum is bound together by both the school's Christian values and the British values which are fundamental in making us such a positive, successful community of learners.

Above all, our curriculum is designed to help every single child to: enjoy childhood, strive to be the best they can, persevere in their learning and become future citizens who will impact positively on society. 

To find out more about our engaging, inspiring curriculum follow the links to our class pages where you will find our termly overviews.



Early Years Foundation Stage

Within EYFS we provide opportunities for children to be unique and encourage them to be resilient and to develop their confidences. The environment they learn in needs to accommodate their needs and enable them to learn in different ways.

As practitioners we provide stimulating resources relevant to all children to encourage rich learning opportunities through play and teaching. Provisions for children to take risks and explore their own ideas allow them to be active learners whilst encouraging them to be creative and to think critically.

The wider curriculum topics are generated from pupil interests and the planning of these topics are led very much by the pupils themselves.



Key Stage 1

The wider curriculum in Key Stage One builds on the knowledge and learning which has taken place in EYFS.  Through guided interactive experiences children explore an interlinked curriculum that is tailored to their interests and needs.  These first hand experiences are intrinsic to the development of knowledge and basic skills



Key Stage 2

The wider curriculum in Key Stage Two continues to develop the knowledge and learning which has previously taken place.  Through a broad range of experiences children are immersed in a creative and engaging curriculum which is inclusive for all.  Children are given many opportunities to develop their own perspectives, generate their own questions and become critical thinkers.

 Through this approach our children thrive as independent, confident and avid learners who are ready to embark on the next stage of their learning journey.




Phonics and Reading

All children in Early Years and Key Stage 1, have daily phonics teaching.  We use a combination of schemes.  In Early Years we start our phonics learning using Jolly Phonics.  Children in Year 1 and 2 are taught using Letters and Sounds.

Key Stage 1 Reading Scheme

In Key Stage 1,  we us a variety of reading schemes, which are mainly phonics based.  We use a combination of: Jelly Beans, Phonics Box (Alpha Blocks) and Oxford Reading Tree.

Jelly Beans



  Phonics Box (Alpha Blocks)

Oxford Reading Tree

RE Curriculum

Understanding Faith

The Kent Agreed Syllabus Incorporating Understanding Christianity

This can be downloaded by clicking here



For more information please follow the link to the National Curriculum