Early Years  Foundation Stage


















In Early Years our intent at Bredhurst is to provide the best support through teaching and learning, for all of our pupils, so that they can fulfil their potential and build upon their prior knowledge. We ensure that when children leave Year R they are equipped with the skills and the knowledge they require to build upon these good foundations for their future learning at school. Every child is unique and at Bredhurst and we promote that each child has their own ‘learning journey’ and will achieve their next steps when they are ready and able to do so. We inspire our pupils to be creative and take risks when they are exploring in their play and promote an independence to learn in both inside and outside of the setting. At Bredhurst Year R children are encouraged to be resilient and confident learners, choosing where and how they will learn. 



Statement of Intent
Statutory Framework
Developmental Matters
Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Handbook