Understanding Faith (RE)



As a Church of England School, the Christian faith is the foundation of everything that we do at Bredhurst. In all learning and life experiences, we aim to fulfil our school vision. We promote an environment where all children feel known, accepted, and valued as individuals, within a caring community, where our Christian faith affects not only what we teach, but also how we teach.  

We believe that it is fundamental for the children to belong to a safe and nurturing community, founded on strong Christian values where children will develop an array of skills that will enable them to make their own positive contribution to our global society.  

Our aims for all the children in RE are to provoke challenging questions about the ultimate meaning of life, beliefs about God, the nature of reality and morality and to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity, other principal world religions, religious traditions and world-views, which offer answers to ultimate questions. We also encourage pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging, in order to flourish within communities, as responsible citizens in society and global communities. Our pupils are taught to develop respect for others and their beliefs and to consider their responsibilities to themselves and to others. Our children are encouraged to explore how they may contribute to their communities and to the wider society, encouraging empathy, generosity and compassion. 


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