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Cross Country

6 March 2024 (by Carol Sage (Carol))

On 28th February we took 18 children to the Cross Country Series at Medway Park

This was the last race of the series. All the children done their best with Kairo again winning the Yr 4 boys. Overall our school came 6th from 30 schools - Amazing result. Our girls came 6th with the boys in 4th. Yr 4 girls came in 5th place and the Yr 4 boys came in 4th place. Yr 5 girls came in 5th place and the boys placed in 3rd.  Yr 6 girls came 10th and the 6 Boys final result was 7th. We had many children in the top 10 Mia Jones 4th, Jessica Campbell 6th Elliott Shepherd 7th, Oscar Hyland 8th, Jacob Williams 9th, Mikel 2nd and Kiaro 1st.