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Safer Internet Day

12 February 2024 (by admin)

Tuesday 6th February was Safer Internet Day and in school we looked at making the internet safer.

In school each class took time to reinforce the messages of  the theme of Inspiring Change and making a difference.
Please click on the link below to access the parental tips to help you have this really important conversation around your child's use of the Internet and keeping themselves safe online.
Kemsley class looked at positive and negative influences online and how it could impact on a persons mental health.
In Fir Tree class we looked at different computing scenarios and talked about what we would do if something worried us online. We all agreed to find a trusted adult who could help us.
In Forge class we listened to the story about Mo and Jaz, discussing ways in which we could stay safe online. We then created some colourful posters, illustrating some of the ideas that we thought of as a class.