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11 December 2023 (by admin)

On Thursday 7th December, the whole school visited the Hazlitt Theatre to watch this year's pantomime of 'Peter Pan'.

The whole school enjoyed an afternoon of thrills and spills of the annual pantomime trip. This year we were entertained by Mrs Smee and the crew of the Jolly Roger in Peter Pan. As Peter and Wendy soared through the air the children joined in at the top of their voices. With Boos for Hook and cheers for Peter, the whole afternoon was a great success. A shout out the Violet and Mikel who led the singing of 'Old Captain Hook' brilliantly and a huge thankyou to all the staff and volunteer helpers who will never be able to hear the same again! We also thank FOBS who heavily subsidised this trip.

Comments from Forge class about the pantomime.

My favourite was when they threw water at us.

My favourite part was when the crocodile came out. My worst part was the coach on the way home because I got a headache as some others were singing songs.

My favourite bit was when they had the toilet rolls on his neck and they managed to get them around his nect and the water pistols spraying at us.

My favourite part was the 12 days of Christmas. I also liked Violet going on the stage. I liked all the parts. I also liked the story. I liked Captain Hook.

I loved the pantomime. My favourite bit was when they threw the toilet roll. I hated captain hook but his plans failed. I got scared whe snappy the crocodile came out.

The pantomime was fun. I was excited to meet Peter Pan, Captain Hook and his pirate friends. They were the meanest.

The saddest bit was when Tinkerbell fell to the ground. The pantomime was fun