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Infant Nativity 2023

11 December 2023 (by admin)

Our infant children performed their nativity 'Wriggly Nativity' on Tuesday and Wednesday and what a treat it was!

Our children were amazing and all remembered all the words to the different scongs they had learned and there were lots of them. They spoke clearly and all seemed to enjoy the opportunity.

A beautiful Nativity from start to finish. All the children performed and looked amazing. I loved all the songs and couldn't believe how they all remembered their words. There must have been so much work that went into it! Huge praise to the children and the members of staff involved.
Ms Macleod (grandparent)

Forge class have written about the Nativity. Here is a selection of their comments

I moved forward and backward. I waved my hadns right and left. I was a star.

I was a star and it went good and I was twinkling so high and it was good and it was fun and I loved it.

My favourite is the sheep. My favourite part is the sheep when they were dancing around in a circle.

I was an angel in the play and my favourite bit was the singing and it was amazing. The play was great.

I was a townsperson and I enjoyed it but I was nervous because there was lots of people watching the nativity that we acted together as a group.

I was a king. It was a very good job. I had a big coat. We saw the shining star. I has a goiden crown.

I was a narrator. I was the 5th narrator and our job is to tell the story of the nativity.

I was the main star. I led the three Kings and I was so happy. I walked round the mummys' and daddys' and we did a dance on stage and I led them to Jesus.