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MYG Badminton

1 December 2023 (by admin)

On Thursday 30th November our school took part in a badminton tournament.

The children all worked extremely hard at the Badminton Mini Youth Games tournament. Thoughout the day they had to show superb competitive spirit as well as resiliance in a tough competition.

Alexis, our newest member of the team, was brilliant, hitting return shots that were far too good for any opposition to hit.
Holly worked extremely hard on her game both on and off the court, showing a great drive to improve and become the best player she could, perfecting her service game.
Neriah showed versatility, being paired with lots of different partners, both in the mixed and the girls games. She was a true credit to the squad, playing a vital part in the points she won for the team.
Jarin was happy to do whatever was asked of him, showing consistency in his game, support and a real sense of positivity to the team.
Dominic was superb in all aspects of his game, showing consistency throughout. He was always in the right place to return, making any game he played in tough for his opponents and played a vital part in winning points for the team.
Rory and Jacob were both totally consistent throughout, only losing one boys game they played in as a pair. Both boys formed a formidable partnership with Jacob always being there to return and win valuable points and Rory with his excellent placement and deadly smash shot, far too good for any opposition.

The children placed 16 out of 23 in the competition and were close in every game only losing mixed boys and girls to one opposition but taking games to within one or two points, only just being defeated often in games that could have gone either way. The team were a true credit to the school.
Mr Peters

Badminton was fun. At one of the matches the opponents were hitting the shuttlecock and it went very far and I jumped back and hit it well. I felt so good after we finished.
Alexis - Year 5

It was a great day, everyone had loads of fun. We had 8 matches and won 4 of them. The ones we lost were very unlucky. Rory and Jacob won matches. Dom, Neriah, Alexis, Jarin and Holly all did well. I think everyone had a good time.
Dominic - Year 5