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MYG Hockey Tournament

13 October 2023 (by admin)

On Thursday 12th October come children took part in the Mini Youth Games tournament. See the rports from Kian and Mr Peters.

MYG Hockey was a huge success with all children playing a high level of sport. Holly, Eden and Neriah were exceptional in defence with the team conceding no goals throughout the tournament. Luke, Mikel and Luca were very versatile players performing exceptionally in defence and attack. Austin, Kian and Liam performed their roles in attack to perfection in scoring valuable goals for us.
Having won every game going into the last, both us and Bligh were 7 - 0 undefeated , the game would be vital in our quest for first place. In what was a back and forth game we grew into it and dominated the play towards the end finding the goal from outside the box, creating a very very close chance. The rules of hockey state the ball must make contact in the box to count. It was a positive move and a good opportunity to score and finally having a shot blocked off the line by a foot in the final part of the game. This lead to a short corner but unfortunately we weren't able to capitalise. The game ended as a draw and both teams finished undefeated. 
We placed 3rd in the competition behind Bligh on goal difference and another school who were unbeaten and won all their games from a different group to us.
Mr Peters

When we got there Mr Peters told us that three girls had to be on the pitch at all times. There were six boys and only three could go on at a time. He would have to rotate us every game.
Our first two games we won because of the good rotations, we had a very good attacking side.
The next three games we won because we did good communication and teamwork, especially the 5th game where we needed a good performance as the opponents were really good. 
OUr last game was the toughest because both them and us were unbeaten, no-one could get a goal so we had to settle for a draw.
We came 3rd place overall which meant a lot to us.
I really enjoyed playing and I'd love to do this again and represent our school.
Kian - Year 6