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MYG Netball - 25th April

28 April 2023 (by admin)

Mrs Cox took our netball team to the Mini Youth Games tournament on Tuesday.

It was an absolute privilege to b able to take them. They were such a credit to the school, showing respect to the umpires and the other teams. Every child played incredibly well, working together. We won the first 4 matches, with some super goals scored by Lucas, Verity and Mikel. Our 5th game was much harder and we really had to dig deep and play defensively as the team we played had won their previous matches: 14-0 and 19-0.Milly, Verity and Hettie were very strong in defence really giving them a run for their money. We lost against them by 4-1, which we felt was a good result, especially as they were the teamm who went on to be place 2nd overall. All the children played well; Mikel and Lois played in evry single game and ran their socks off, playing in both defensive and attacking roles. The children wanted to come in the top 10 our of the 27 teams who took part in the tournament and were thrilled to come in 8th position overall.What impressed me most is how they played as a team, encouraging one another. I was very proud of them all and enjoyed the opportunity to take them to the tournament.
Mrs Cox

It was really fun. It was a tournament and there were 27 school. Everyone played really well and Mrs Cox is the best netball coach ever. I was the captain of the team. We played 8 games and lost 2, won 5 and drew 2. It was quite unfortunate as we should have won the game we drew but the reason we didn't was the netball hoop moved and whenever we shot, thheball moved the hoop. We came 8th overall and I really enjoyed it.
Oliver - Year 6