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Medway Music Festival - 15th March

20 March 2023 (by admin)

Mrs Carey took the choir to the music festival, run by Medway Music Association, to the Central Theatre, Chatham. where they participated with other local schools. They had learnt twelve songs which they performed on the stage and sang incredibly beautifully. The children were a credit to our school. The evening, attended by parents was a success and even they had to join in.

We went to the Central Theatre at Chatham as we participate in a choir concert. We stood on the stage whilst we sang. Sometimes the conductor would ask our parents to sing - that was really fun. We perfomed at 7 pm.
Milly - Year 6

My favourite song was Amani Utupe. We had to do the actions for it. It made me feel happy but some of the songs were spooky.
Ava - Year 3