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Bredhurst's Got Talent - 10th March

20 March 2023 (by admin)

We had an excellent Bredhurst's Got Talent this year with some amazing acts. We were all so impressed by the talent we have in school. Harry and James made us all laugh with their jokes, Jarin was excellent on the piano, (Mrs Carey has competition), There was gymnastics, acting and puppet shows and many other acts. 

The winning acts were:
3rd place: Lily Avis with her gymnastics display
2nd place: Lily Rose Bennett-Smith playing 'Gypsy Tune' on her violin
1st place: Bella Thompson singing 'Jack and Jill' from Matilda

It was really fun. It had lots of good talent. There was a violin, gymnastics and singing and puppet shows. I thought it was really good.
Toby - Year 2

My favourite act was Jeremy, he did cartwheels, handstands and the splits. My second favourite act was Lily Rose, she played the violin. All the acts were good. I enjoyed watching it.
Fern - Year 3