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Forge Class visit to Chatham Dockyard - 1st March

2 March 2023 (by admin)

Forge class had a wonderful time at Chatham Dockyard. First they went onto HMS Gannet and had a talk with Pirate Tracey and Captain (Mrs) Green who was in charge of the crew. Pirate Tracey showed them all of her 'booty' treasure, which according to her she had borrowed and not yet paid back.
Next they went onto the submarine, HMS Ocelot. The children were very brave as it was very compact, there were high, steep steps and they had to swing through the hatches.
After lunch the class visited the ropery where they were taught how ropes were made.
It was a fantastic day and we received some really lovely comments from the main tour guide who said how well behaved all the children were, how good their listening skills were and how good they were at answering questions.
We are very proud of Forge Class, they were a credit to Bredhurst School.

It was good because we got to meet a pirate. We saw some lifeboats and got to go on a submarine, it was really small and the people inside it didn't have much room. We ate lunch and then we made a rope. I had a really nice time.
Thea - Year 1

It was really fun because we saw lots of boats and we got to go to the park. We made som rope and we had to pull the rope out of the machine. We saw a pirate and she said "Do not touch all my treasure". We went on a pirate boat and we went in a submarine. I had a fun time.
Sylvie - Year 2