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Pancake Races - 21st February

27 February 2023 (by admin)

We held our annual pancake races again this year with all the children taking part. They all brought in their frying pan and pancakes ready for the races. Younger children raced against each other while the older children had to stop in the hoops and flip their pancakes. They all seemed to enjoy themselves. It was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents, uncles, auts and siblings come to watch and join in. We were lucky with the weather too!

We ran with our pancakes. I came 3rd place. It was fun and I got to eat the pancake and I got a sticker. I'm going to have quite a lot of pancakes at home.
Jonah - Year 1

We brought pancakes and a pan from home. We ran down the playground and when we weren't racing we watched politely. I came last in my race because my pancake caught the air and fell out. As soon as the next group did their race it was less breezy. My dad, my mum and my nan watched me. It was good fun and the best part was when I flipped it out of the pan by accident and I caught it.
Toby - Year 2