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Mini Youth Games - Swimming

23 January 2023 (by admin)

On Friday, some of our year 5 and 6 children represented the school in the Mini Youth Games Swimming Competition at Medway Park. We didn't have enough girls who wanted to or were able to take part across years 5 and 6 so Alba-Lily from year 4 went as part of the team which was very brave of her! All the children tried their best and had some amazing results.

There were 30 schools that took part and Bredhurst came 3rd overall with the help of a 1st place in the butterfly and 2nd in backstroke, 

There were 30 schools and there were different races. First was the girls race. When it was lunch we got to watch races of famous swimmers who were really fast. It was a great experience. We came 3rd, we were shocked. In some races people cheated and did the wrong stroke.
We liked the experience and had a lot of fun. Whilst we were waiting we made up some games to amuse us. The pool was really cold but after some minutes it got warm. As soon as they said we were 3rd we were so excited, we all got medals and we got a trophy. We only got 5 minutes to practice and then we had to wait for all the schools to finish before it could start.
Lila and Lola - Year 6

It was a very fun day. We got to experinece how it was to race with an athlete at lunchtime. When we heard we were in the top five we all shouted with excitement. There were loads of pupils there, most of them looked like year eights or year sevens. We came 3rd out of 30 schools. 
It was definitely the best mini youth games tournament so far.
Isaac - Year 6

It was really fun and the best stroke for me was backstroke. At first I was really nervous.
Alba-Lily - Year 4