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Key Stage 2 Nativity - 12th January

16 December 2022 (by admin)

The junior children took part in the performance of 'The Perfect Gift'; a retelling of the nativity story. It was a super performance with some outstanding performances. Due to the weather we had many children who had been or were still off ill. So many children had to have more than one part or learn lines to take on new parts at the last minute. We are immensely proud of all the children who took part.

"We did 'The Perfect Gift' and it was all about Jesus and how they got there and how they escaped the Roman Soldiers and Herod. I was a sheep and wore a sheep onesie. I enjoyed it and my mum was a bit tearful."
Lily Rose - Year 3

The play was called 'The Perfect Gift', we performed it twice in front of parents and grandparents. I enjoyed it but I was a stand in and had to do 3 parts, a Wise Man, Joshua and an Innkeeper."
Oliver - Year 4