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Infant Nativity

8 December 2022 (by admin)

On Tuesday and Wednesday our infant children performed the nativity to their parents. The performance was called the Sleepy Shepherd and was about a shepherd who kept falling asleep. The children had learnt their parts really well, performed with lots of energy and they sang their hearts out.

"I was the narrator and my mum came and my dad came. We all dressed up as different characters from the nativity. We all sang songs about Christmas."
Thomas - Year 1

"It was about Christmas. My mummy came to watch and some other mummies and daddies came. I was in a page costume and I was leading Teddie, he was a camel. I liked doing it and Mummy though it was good."
Frankie - Year R

Comments from parents

"It was a fantastic nativity with some very well behaved children and wonderful singing. It was a joy to watch."
Mrs Hayter

"It was beautiful, The children all sang wonderfully and joined in with the actions. They all did brilliantly."
Mrs Knowles