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Football Tournament - 24th November

25 November 2022 (by admin)

Some of our Lower Key Stage 2 children took part in a football tournament at Greenfields school on Thursday. All the children worked really hard in all the matches. The stand out player for our school was Dominic who played in goal for the first time. The fair play award goes to Jessica who worked incredibly hard and supported the rest of her team mates. Well done to all the children!

"We went to the tournament and played against four teams. The last team we played were quite powerful and our team couldn't get the ball. We won because me and Lennie were defence and we stopped the ball going in the goal. I really liked playing."
Lennie - Year 3

"We played football against against other teams. Our first match was quite hard but we managed to get a goal. The last match was easy as it was a friendly game. I really liked playing in the football tournament."
Alexis - Year 4