Transition to Year 7


Is your child moving from Primary School to Secondary School? 

We will be adding information  on this page that you may find useful.


Letter from Miss Essenhigh      


Dear Parents/Carers

At Bredhurst Primary School, we are very aware that transition from Primary to Secondary School can be a daunting prospect for many children. For this reason we are taking part in the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service’s Transition Programme, which has been devised by Primary and Secondary teachers to make that move from year 6 to 7 just that little bit easier.

The programme will start this term and will run throughout the rest of the year.  By the end of July 2021, we hope your child will feel more prepared to move on having had the opportunity to learn about and practise some of the many skills/tasks expected at secondary school, such as personal organisation, meeting uniform expectations, changing rooms for lessons, writing at speed, reading a timetable and managing homework etc.

In addition to the activities at school, we will also be sending tips and activities home for you to complete with your children, which will further help them to prepare for year 7 and support you to feel more confident about sending them on the Secondary School.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully


Miss Lucy Essenhigh













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