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Below is our Term 5 and Term 6 Overview

Kemsley Class Homework 2018 – 2019

Summer Term


This term we will be focusing on these spellings. It is important that the children learn them so that they can not only get them correct in the weekly tests, but so they are able to write the words correctly in their writing. I have included the rule for the children so they are aware of the reason for the spellings being the way they are. Each week, the words in the list will be tested along with 5 from the previous weeks to ensure they are constant referred back to.


Week 1

information, adoration, sensation, preparation, admiration, registration, location, separation

Week 2

actually, completely, usually, emotionally, naturally, traditionally, accidentally, nationally

Week 3

basically, frantically, dramatically, specifically, historically, drastically, automatically, drastically

Week 4

scheme, chemist, character, antique, cheque, unique, boutique, picturesque

Week 5

fatigue, tongue, league, plague, colleague, catalogue, monologue, dialogue

Week 6

scenery, science, fascinate, descend, disciple, ascend, discipline, scientist



Spelling Rules

Week 1

The Suffix – ation is added to verbs to form a noun.

Week 2

The suffix –ly is added to an adjective to form an adverb.

Week 3

Exception to - ly rule: if the root word ends with –ic, –ally is added rather than just –ly.

Week 4

Words with the –k sound spelt ch.

Week 5

Words ending with the –g sound spelt gue

Week 6


Words with the –s sound spelt sc





Reading is such a great way to not only learn new information, but also to build your imagination, vocabulary and understanding of language. Children who read regularly and are exposed to a variety of texts, develop a wider repertoire of vocabulary and can enjoy using and manipulating language in their writing to great effect. It is for that reason that reading regularly at home, preferably each night (even for just five minutes) is recommended.


Here are a few books that the children will enjoy reading; there are both short and longer texts here to appeal to all readers.



The Tunnel tells the story of a brother and sister who argue all the time. When their mother sends them out to play together and they discover a tunnel, their relationship is changed forever.

A book with superb illustrations that almost tell the story themselves.

There are so many links in the illustrations to traditional fairy tales; how many can you find? This book will be available in class.


When Vicky's father is arrested, accused of stealing over a million pounds from the bank where he works, she is determined to prove his innocence. But how? There's only one way - to attempt to break into the bank's computer files.
Even if Vicky is the best hacker in the world, will she find the real thief before they find her? This book will be available in class.



Just when Jane and Michael Banks thought she was gone forever, Mary Poppins floats back into their lives on the end of a kite string, bringing a whole host of wonderful adventures with her. This book will be available in class.