Our Vision

Our school has established a warm and welcoming environment where pupils are encouraged to aim high!

We provide a quality education to all our pupils helping them learn, as future citizens and lifelong learners.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced. It is enriched with trips, visits, productions, extra curricular activities and wrap around care. We offer opportunities for children to excel in a variety of ways.

Ethos: Our school aims to create a safe, caring and respectful culture to enable children to develop personal abilities, interests and talents.

At Bredhurst, we aim to be proactive in helping each child to achieve the key elements to well- being in childhood and later life. These are:

  • be healthy
  • stay safe
  • enjoy and achieve
  • make a positive contribution
  • achieve economic well being

Our Christian values:  

‘The Spirit of Bredhurst’ encompasses our core Christain values:

  • self control
  • perseverance
  • inspiration
  • respect
  • inclusion
  • trust

These are displayed in each classroom, the entrance, the hall and the playground and are referred to regularly in Worship and in class lessons.

We are developing learning skills to ensure that children acquire positive work attitudes, grow up with honesty and learn to accept responsibility with confidence.

This will be achieved by capitalising on the advantages of being a small, village, church school and through the provision of:

  • A bold and creative curriculum that enriches and extends pupil’s lives;
  • An exciting school environment which stimulates the development of pupils;
  • Clear and understood codes of behaviour which are signed up to by everyone;
  • A skilled staff who maximise the potential of every child;
  • A shared partnership in learning between home, school, Parish and community;