Summer Reading Challenge 2020

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Class reading challenge

Which class can read the most books during the summer holiday?

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We asked our staff to share their favourite story they read as a child.

Find out what they all enjoyed reading...and still do today!

Teachers photos and stories

Mrs Harvey's favourite book was Una and Grubstreet.

She said "I loved this book as a child as the character Una helps and cares for the children who live near her. It reminds me of the reasons why I wanted to teach."

Miss Meade's favourite books were anything to do with Moomin. This one is called Finn family Moomintroll by Tove Jansson.

She said " I loved Moomin as he was quite a nervous character but ended up having lots of adventures where he had to be brave, which is how we have to be in real life...And I still think Moomin is great."

Ms Duffree's favourite book was Anne of Green Gables.

She said "“Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery is a book about a feisty young girl with an imagination to be envious of. From the minute you meet Anne you will want to be her friend and enjoy all the scrapes and adventures she has, that teach her so many life lessons. Revisiting this book again recently, as an adult, I am now working my way through the sequels. Set in Canada around 1870- transport yourself back in time - when all you needed were your imagination and Anne. A girl very much ahead of her time. I hope you enjoy her company as much as I do!”

Mrs Sage's favourite book was Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

She said "This book was bought for me by a very old aunt when I was 10 years old. I loved the book so much but, time passed and I grew up.....and the book was LOST or maybe given to my cousins. I never forgot my favourite book and often looked in  bookshops (before on line was available) but could never find it. I was a little sad because I would have like to read it to my sons. More time passed ......My sons grew up and had children of their own..... still no favourite book for me.

On a special birthday, my husband said "What do you want for your birthday?" and I told him about my favourite book........He traced the book which was published in Australia and with the power of the internet I was given my special book once more!! Now I can read it to my Grandchildren!!!       

It is a beautifully illustrated book, enchanting, exciting, mysterious, with a scary element and a wonderful ending."


Websites to take a look at

If you want to find some books ideas, why not look at these websites.

The Silly Squad website has lots of book and activity ideas. Scroll around and find some fun things to read and do.

On this website you will find book suggestions, stories to listen to, videos to watch and many more activities.

Why not use your library card and get a pin number. Then you can browse and reserve ebooks online. There are graphic novels and magazines to read to. And if you like to read the newspaper, you can get those too!

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